Enjoy Personalized Yacht Charter in Dubai

Royal Yachts allow you to customize your cruise along the Dubai Marina with a yacht rental package created just for you. Marvel at the beauty of the Burj Al Arab in an intimate gathering with your loved ones, or party the night away on a cruiser in front of majestic Atlantis, The Palm hotel. One of the top vacation rental in Dubai, Royal Yachts’ customized yacht rental packages provide great value for your money.

Royal Yachts allows you to personally customize your yacht cruise along Dubai Marina, with a yacht rental package made just for you. We can create fully bespoke culinary programmes to satiate your cravings while on board our world-class yachts. From savoury Mediterranean cuisines to grilled meats seasoned and cooked with authentic Arabic spices, our five-star chefs can cook up the most aromatic and flavorful dishes to serve you and your guests.

Thirsting for adventure? Pump up your yacht cruise with exhilarating water sports add-ons. From jet skis and banana boats to water skiing and flyboarding, there is no shortage of activities to get you thrilled and excited.

Want to upgrade your luxury yacht rental experience for a momentous celebration? Enjoy the VIP treatment, with our premium package extras. Get a taste of royalty, with our first-class chauffeur services and Heli-transfers. Enjoy deluxe entertainment, with professional DJs, live entertainment, fireworks, and laser light displays on your yacht cruise.

You can also have professional hostesses cater to you all throughout your cruise along Dubai Marina. Marvel at the beauty of the Burj Al Arab, or party the night away on a cruiser in front of Atlantis, The Palm – with our luxury Dubai Marina cruise deals, nothing is impossible.

Experience being in Yas Marina, one of the Abu Dhabi's finest marina which is known for offering exceptional dining, fitness and leisure facilities. Enjoy your sunset cruise, in a place which transforms into a buzzing scene of dining and nightlife entertainment when the stars come out.


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