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Sermons can change the hearts of people for the 21st century. Today individuals have many negative influences pressing against them every day. It is possible that some TV shows portray alcohol, foul language, violence, and sexual perversion as a typical part of life. Young people face heavy peer pressure at school to experiment with drugs and other harmful substances. Cell phones, social networking, and video games are good however it is not good to be consumed with technology. Despite all of the challenges we face today, it is still possible to get the peace of mind through short bible sermons.

You can reach out to the church and listen to sermons or listen to short sermons online. For midweek bible study you can include sermons in your life. You can also start to listen to sermons for groups as it is a great way to take story and tie it to the message for the day. This works with adults as well kids. People don't always remember facts and figures, but they remember stories. Everyone loves a great story. Don't be afraid to tell a story to begin your sermon.

Embrace technology in sermons and opt for video clips, YouTube videos and mobile apps. Do not avoid it! Video clips in sermons are a great way to embrace technology as it has improved. Today it is getting less and less expensive to own video equipment. It does not cost tens of thousands of dollars to install a video projector in the room. Create a Facebook page for the sermon group, and make sure that all of you on Facebook are connected to the page. Send out a regular email to the group with all of the events going on during the week.

Vibrant Worship is inspiration for sermons. This is very challenging, even for seasoned pastors. Where do you start? What is the message going to be? Are you using any Bible verses for your sermon? How do you tie everything up in a neat little bow? Can you deliver the exact message? After all, the power of the Bible encompasses number of interpretations. There are many Bible lessons that can have a powerful impact on the youth today. In your church you can share short. Every Bible lesson in form of sermon plants a seed that can grow and blossom in the early years of their life.

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