Developing Java Applications Faster With Spring Roo

The development or code creation tool called Spring Roo helps in the building of Spring or Java applications, Google App Engine, GWT applications, etc. Contrary to what the name might suggest, it is not a platform but a lightweight tool which helps you deliver instant results easily. There is no library for runtime usage and there is no need for any architecture style or coding. The tool for rapid application development is different from rest of the productivity tools by virtue of features like rapid results, easy to use, 100% development in Java, simple and fast removal, helpful as well as active community, free from compromises, etc.

Installation of the tool can be done separately through downloads. However, there is no need for any special installation process. All you have to do is simply download and then decompress it. If you have already installed STS or Spring Tool Suite then Spring Roo does not need separate installation since the package already includes it.


Supporting JavaServer- Spring Roo supports GWT, Spring MVC along with JSF 2.0 as view options. Currently Oracle Mojarra JSF as well as Apache MyFaces implementations along with PrimeFaces are supported as component library. Those who want JSF applications built they can use bikeshop.roo application that comes with Spring Roo. The Roo distribution contains samples folder.

MongoDB- As back end of the tool, MongoDB, the well admired NoSQL document storage may be used as datastore. The tool has an extensible nature which helps in building of such applications.

Instant Java application development- This developer tool is lightweight, making it easy as well as fast for delivery of instant results. The coding is done 100% in Java so that all the existing Java skills, experience as well as knowledge can be reused. In fact, development turns out to be a fun process as well.

Productivity with zero risks without any compromise- Roo enables you to program anything in Java. The innovative approach helps in entire operation during compile-time with complete compatibility with IDE. It makes the developers feel comfortable as well as productive right from the beginning.

Database support more powerful as well as robust to support reverse engineering- There are some major features in that area with multi-schema support that allows the establishment of database connection of DBRE through JNDI or Java Naming and Directory Interface. It also allows repository support instead of entity objects or Active Record along with reverse engineering views.

Service layer and repository support- Active Record is still supported by the tool as an implementation strategy. However, you can also select repository instead through creation of entity with activeRecord false.

Pleasing CRUD clients- This tool helps in the creation of CRUD applications within minutes. It takes very little time for creation, reading, updating as well as deleting of data. The powerful vendor along with good community makes this tool perfect for the creation of the applications in comparison to many other CRUD frameworks like OpenXava or Roma Meta Framework.

Great for learning technologies- Learning technologies is also greatly beneficial since a working example can be got within seconds; more complicated stuff can be created within minutes through use of Roo shell. Learning and understanding the way it uses the technologies is very easy. In fact technologies like Spring Security or Spring MVC come with excellent support. It also supports JEE standards like JPA or Bean Validation. Other technologies supported are Google App Engine, Flex, Vaadin, JSF, GWT, etc.

Many people feel that Spring Roo does not have enough potential in development of applications that are extremely complex. However, the plethora of features that it offers makes it very easy as well as fast to develop Java applications. Perhaps the development cycle of the tool has not advanced to be used for large and complicated processes yet but it certainly has youth as well as speed at its side. This makes it worthwhile to give it a try for some projects at least to see how beneficial it can be to you. To get maximum benefits of Java, you may consider hiring services of a certified Java web application development company. About the Author:
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