Desperate Times was RuneScape gold declared

So the new pursuit after the events of Desperate Times was RuneScape gold declared and is coming out in July. It is a location North East of Daemonheim which can now be viewed around the planet map.Part of the newspost said:"Incidentally, a week's Land Out of Time teaser was just a glimpse of the amazing adventures waiting at the far away land of Anachronia. "This confirms that it's not Orthen.Also at a livestream once we kept asking about it, Mod Jack and Mod Shogun kept hinting at it being'a HAM'. Does this mean that the HAM are after Kerapac now, or am I just an idiot?

So Kerapac flies east of this needle place, (fossil island is towards the east). Kerapac uses the needle to bring back by reversing time in on this island the dead dragonkin/dinosaurs that lived. So we will have to visit the historian in varrock and utilize our kudos to finally visit the illusive island that is no longer fossil island. Hence the"property out of period" title. It will be the first step to stopping kerapac who's collecting the elder artifacts as they are infinity stones to snap the world away. (he has the needle the mirror and the staff of armadyl though he destroyed the stone of jas because he had to break his connection).

I am hoping parts of the property will possess skeletal dragonkin/dactyl races along with other elements will have living dinosaurs and etc.. However, I think that kerapac is currently using the needle to cheap RS gold undo the time on the island. Additionally runescape's instagram replied to a comment asking whether the island is a prequel to fossil island along with runescape replied with something along the lines of"shh! Something like this" but they've since removed that comment. So thats my theory.


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