Dawn Of The Precious Metals

Metals like silver and gold have been used as adornments since the ancient times, they were used as a symbol of different caste. Earlier the jewellery was usually adorned by only the rich but then slowly and eventually it spread. India used to be known as, “ sone ki chidhiya” because we used to be the largest producers of gold before the british reign.

Gold has always been a classic charm but with its rising prices not everyone can afford to purchase it. Silver as a metal has been long valued as a precious metal in the Indian-sub continent. Let’s take a look at the trendy jewellery to style with your Day to day college look.


Well online shopping has opened gateways for the customers as they offer a multitude of colours, styles, types, motifs, prints etc. to choose from.

  1. SILVER ANKLETS- Earlier the silver anklets were worn by a specific set of people as a mark of a particular tribe but then with modernisation the silver anklets were worn more as a fashion accessory. Now with the availability of jewellery online shopping has become easier and convenient.
  2. CHOKER’S ONLINE- From simple thread chokers to the traditional silver chokers, this adornment has made its way back and come alive in the fashion statement in the past 2-3 years.
  3. RINGS- Rings have been a charm from the start. After the silver anklets and pajeb, rings were the type of jewellery that every women craved for.
  4. FASHION JEWELLERY- Not like the silver anklets but the fashion jewellery has proved to be a charming jewellery online for everyone. From designer necklaces to regal rings and what not.
  5. DESIGNER JEWELLERY- Specially designed for a person or occasion the designer jewellery has made its way up to the trendy jewelleries online now a days because of their exclusiveness.


Well online shopping has opened gateways for online shopping. From shopping to jewellery online to buying a dresses online shopping has made life easier and efficient. Jewellery for all age groups for men and women of all shapes and sizes. Add the most distinct types of intricate designs in your jewellery box, from the chic silver anklets to traditional necklaces. You get to choose your favourite jewellery online amongst multiple brands to style with your daily college look.



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Geeta Yadav

Working as a writer for online fashion venture ‘Tjori’, I have discovered that the store is best for modern women to stay fashionable and trendy without much of an effort.

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