Cruising through the spectacular natural wonders of Australia

Australia is a land of natural wonders. The whole eco system of Australia is a process of discovery. Australia Tour Packages are a visual treat. Along with exploring the major attractions, treat your eyes to the surrounding natural beauty, sandy beaches, deserts and the never ending spectacular coastline. Commonly called the land down under it awakens the senses to any inveterate traveller. Tourists opt for Australia Tour attracted by the incomparable beauty, amazing animals admiring the ‘country of abundance”.

Let us try to visit some of the wonders of Australia that will leave you awestruck.


Sydney is undoubtedly a beautiful city, especially for its harbour side location. With more than 240 kilometres of shoreline and meandering waterways, on a warm sunny day it becomes one big aquatic playground. The harbour bridge and the Opera House are added attractions.


The Great Ocean Road is a stretch of road along the South Eastern coast. It was built by returned soldiers as a war memorial dedicated to Soldiers during World War I. Winding through varying terrain, the road traverses rain forest, beaches and cliffs composed of lime stones and sandstone susceptible to erosion. This coastal has access to several prominent landmarks including the 12 Apostles lime stone stack formation. It is Melbourne’s most popular tours and a pride of Australian Tourism. Leaving from Melbourne you can stop at a popular surf beach then move on to the historic Memorial Arch... Take a guided walk through the Maits Rest Rainforest. Wind through Port Campbell National Park to arrive at Shipwreck Coast. Finally you come to the world famous 12 Apostle. For spectacular view and a chance to soar above them you can opt for a 15 minute helicopter ride.


Uluru is one of the famous icons of Australia. It is huge monolithic sandstone also known as Ayers Rock. The rock is thought to be started forming approximately 550 million years ago. It may seem like an ordinary rock formation but the scenery at sunrise and sunset is truly breathtaking. Its location is in the heart of the Red Centre of Australia. It is a lot to indigenous Australians, the best way to know more about the majesty and spirituality of Uluru to take a walk with aboriginal guide. The Ayers rock is a part of Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park which also holds the 36 red – rock domes of the Kata Tjuta formation.  This place should definitely be a part of Australia Packages.


 The only living thing on Earth visible from space and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. An, iconic tourist attraction, a world heritage site and is the largest expanses of corals in the world. This reef stretches around 2900km the same length as Mexico to Vancouver border. There are several destinations for ocean fun and you can also visit the Tropical rainforest. Dive into the azure waters to get view of 400 different types of natural colourful corals, 1,500 species of tropical fish and a range of marine life .Snorkelling and rafting are the other options. You can choose a helicopter ride for a bird’s eye view, or try to walk under water with a bubble helmet.


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