Create a digital "black velvet" portrait (Photos)

This slideshow tutorial will show you the steps to create a fast piece of artwork that will fit into any 70s retro decor. To make a funky 70s style digital faux black velvet portrait, just follow the steps in these photos with your preferred drawing software and a slash or slant brush. Mouths can also be a single curved line, straight line or a slash. Noses can be a large U shape with a smaller U shapes on either side of it. For a more feminine face, slant the eyelids upward more and add long eyelashes. Make the lower lip of the mouth fuller. If you print it out poster size, you can then paint over the colors with glow in the dark or black light poster paint and have your own self-created black light or glow in the dark poster. This technique can be used for many other images besides portraits, too.

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