completely screw up wow classic gold

I stand from the philosophy that is #nochanges. The simple truth is that there are A LOT of very TOXIC individuals locally and the programmer world who'd like to completely screw up wow classic gold - then when nobody wants to play with it because it stinks like the present game, they will laugh and say:"See we told you you wouldn't enjoy Vanilla." And I believe that there are a few individuals working at Activision who would like to say"We tried to tell you:"You feel you do, but you do not."

Regional leaders would be the BEST OPTION, although I'm sorry. You don't understand why. Competition is great. There is competition in WoW between servers, between the factions. . .and with servers, also competition between areas. Remove, and you remove 1 part of this competition. Competition is very good, but collaboration may be good. There'll be at best, or NONE, minimum.

You want, PERSONALLY, to do with Americans. Just don't ask ME to accept a CHANGE which you WANT.I want a FUCKLOADS of adjustments in WoW Classic, but that I won't ever accept ANY. . Servers which are personal ARE NOT VANILLAas much as you want to trust that. Go play on servers, if you'd like Russians who don't talk English, Chinese cheap classic wow gold farmers, Europeans that you will NEVER met, as distinct hours. Keep this SHIT don't bring it.


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