Choosing The Right Book Editor

These days, putting out a great book is made easier through self-publishing. However, finishing your manuscript is just the start of this long and tedious process. No matter how good of a writer you THINK you are, its always wise to seek the expertise of a book editor to help you prepare your book for publication. Releasing an unedited book filled with typos and grammatical errors is a recipe for bad reviews and ruthless criticism. Therefore, choosing the right editor is a crucial task that should not be taken lightly. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect fit.

Decide what Type of Editing You Need
All editing is not the same. Editing services can consist of content/developmental edits, or can simply be proofreading edits. Content/developmental edits will give you a sense of where your story is weak and where it is strong, whereas proofreading edits will only pick up on obvious spelling and grammar mistakes. Once you decide what type of editing you need, youll be able to make better decisions on the other elements involved in choosing the most suitable editing services.

Know Your Budget
Knowing how much you can afford to spend is another thing to ponder before looking for a book editor. Keep in mind that itll take time before you see any sort of return on your book, so dont make the mistake of setting a budget based on how much youre hoping to earn. Be realistic and dont spend money that you cant afford to lose. And by all means, once youve decided on a doable budget amount, stick to it!

Dont just Google to Search for Editors
Searching for editors on Google will generate a LOT of results, but the majority of the editors available will be relatively expensive and more than likely swamped with other editing projects. When choosing a book editor, turn away from Google and head to one of your favorite writing forums. Goodreads and Kindle boards are ideal forums to consider. These are boards where people can advertise their skills for others to see. Its highly likely that youll find editing services advertised at a reasonable cost.

Ask the Editor to do a Sample Edit
Seeking the right book editor is like dating you may have to try out a number of them before finding the best match. One way of weeding through the editing competition pool is by requesting a sample of their work. Start by narrowing your choices down to the best three or four editors, and provide them each with a page of your manuscript to edit. This process will provide you with useful insight on what sort of things each specific editor looks for and how many issues they are ultimately able to spot. With that knowledge you can make a well-informed decision on which of the finalists vibes best with your writing style.

Finding a good book editor can be a tough task. Just use some of the tips above and take your time in the vetting process. In the end you want to employ the editing services of someone who is capable of polishing your manuscript into a masterful work of art.
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