Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake: Youth Football Coaching Tips

A successful and highly-touted former high school football coach, Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake knows what it takes to empower his players with the knowledge, tools and wisdom necessary to get the best experience out of the game. Coaching, at least for him, has been a highly rewarding experience, and he believes that every youth football coach has a valuable opportunity to not only have a lasting and positive impact on young player’s lives, but also the chance to provide players with the foundation needed to more become more effective teammates and productive young adults.

Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake shares some helpful advice on several simple and basic things youth football coaches can do to create a better, more lasting experience for their players.

Focus on the Fundamentals

The best players of today, says Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake, learned the game’s fundamentals many years ago. Basic fundamentals often come natural to long-time football veterans simply because they had so emphasized early on in their careers. Such things as blocking, tackling and catching, says Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake, are simple things to teach, and should be emphasized very early on.

Emphasize Sportsmanship

Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake believes that youth football coaches are in a position of privileged authority, and as such have an important responsibility to teach and focus on the principles of fair play and sportsmanship. Coaches, he says, should stress good sportsmanship at every possible opportunity, instilling the value in young players from the very beginning. Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake understands the importance of physical intensity and aggression in football, though he also knows that players should understand how crucial it is to be a good sportsman.


Make sure, says Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake, that your young players are wearing all of the required protective gear and equipment every time they step out onto the field. Working to prevent injuries with young players not only creates a more fun playing environment, but also helps to ensure that players will be able and want to return to the game in the future. Football, he understands, is a very intense and physical game, though there are steps coaches can take to prevent the possibility of certain injuries to young players.

Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake values the many experiences and successes he had as a high school football coach. He works to share his wisdom and insight of the game with other aspiring coaches and players.



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