Celebrating Rakshabandhanwith &TV artists

Celebrating Rakshabandhanwith &TV artists

India, the land of grandeur and festivities enjoys yet another festive day today: the occasion of RakshaBandhan. A day earmarked to express sibling love – wherein the sisters pray for the well-being of their brothers by tying a sacred thread on their wrists. In return, the brothers shower their sisters with love and affection, and of course with pleasurable goodies on the day. Let’s ask the artists the significance of Rakshabandhan and how they celebrate:

AkshayDograa.k.aJagan from Waaris

This year I wouldn’t be celebrating RakshaBandhan with my sister Riddhi as she is travelling. But usually we celebrate in Delhi where we all have lunch together and that includes my extended family which is huge. It’s a lot of fun catching up. Unfortunately in Mumbai, we are always pressed with time but on that day we make time to meet up. It gives us a reason to cheat and gorge on lots of sweets.

AngadHasijaa.k.aChander from Waaris

I don’t have a real sister but I do have a rakhi sister who is my best friend’s wife. And even if I am shooting on Rakshabandhan I make sure I meet her. She works for a chocolate company so whenever she meets me she brings a lot of chocolates for me. I met her several years back as my best friend’s girlfriend and today she is my rakhi sister, so it’s actually been a journey. On Rakshabandhan, I try and gift her branded purses or whatever she asks me for.

Gaurav Khanna a.k.aAkshay Sinha from Tere Bin

My sisters and cousins send me the rakhis by post and I tie them. This has been the case as I have been away from my since the past 13 years. I was lucky that I met them during the promotions of my show “Tere Bin” in Kanpur so I have already given them their gifts in advance.

Vishal Vashistha.k.aSagar from Gangaa

I have an elder sister and we celebrate the ritual without fail every year. If I am at home, we all go out and party which includes my friends too. I hope I get a holiday from my show ‘Gangaa’ so that I can go home and celebrate the festival.

Shefali Sharma a.k.aVijaya from Tere Bin

Rakhi is the simple & beautiful thread tied around the wrist of my brother, conveying lots of love and emotions. I wholeheartedly tie Rakhi on the wrist of my brothers and pray to divine for bestowing him prosperity, health with serenity. My brothers who deeply and truly understand the deep message of Rakhi, pledge to protect me in every up and down moments of life.

ShubangiAtrea.k.aAngooribhabi from BhabiJiGhar Par Hai

Along with my sisters I celebrate Rakshabandhan in a unique way. We all tie Rakhi to our dad and that's the way it has been since childhood. He is the one who has protected us and loved us unconditionally always. But since he is Indore and I will be shooting for "BhabiJiGhar Par Hai" I wouldn't be celebrating the festival. But the festival holds a very special place in my heart.

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