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The professions in the aviation significantly attract large numbers of students. To practice transport pilot, air traffic controller or crew cabin, you must certify that they have the appropriate license entitling the holder to its performance and is obtained after passing the training schedules of approved centers and schools in our country The Aviation Safety Agency - EASA.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are responsible for directing, separating and organizing the traffic of aircraft in the airspace and at airports. To exercise this profession, it is imperative to have driver's license, obtained after passing two different periods of training, such as EC Directive 2006/23/EC.

• Initial training: access is necessary to have Spanish nationality or another EU country, be 18 years old, hold the bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification that allows access to college and have knowledge of English equivalent to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Languages. The courses are taught only in training organizations certified by the Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which requires overcoming a prior selection process (tryouts, languages and interview) to enter their classrooms. At the end, you get the student license.

• Unit Training : Students can access the driver selection processes that the various providers of air navigation services summoned to train their own drivers in specific units which operate in the future. After successfully completing this training, you get the license for air traffic controller, provided that they are 21 years old.

In addition to these requirements, aspiring air traffic controllers must demonstrate in the tests of access to training, have certain skills, abilities and skills, as mental agility, spatial orientation, fatigue or self-control in stressful situations. Moreover, we also need to demonstrate some appropriate physical skills. For this reason, it requires overcoming a thorough appreciation for obtaining aviation medical certificate class 3.

Airline Pilot

Depending on the license to be obtained, pilot applicants must meet different requirements to attend training programs offered by the various centers approved by EASA.

• Private Pilot: those who just want to fly a private plane, are required a minimum age of 17 years and English language skills equivalent to level C1 of the Common European Framework of Languages.
• Commercial Pilot: candidates for this training must be at least 18 years at the time of beginning the course, have the baccalaureate degree, senior technical or vocational equivalent class 1 medical certificate and C1 level of English proficiency.
• Pilot Airline Transport: you must have at least 21 years, have completed the high school and achieve the same level of English language in a previous license.

The pilot training for airline transport pilot license allows for passenger aircraft carriers. It can take as an integrated course, which lasts approximately two years, or as a modular training, so that the candidate exceeds gradually the various tests required for licensure. The requirements to access the courses of these centers are generally the same as then requested by the airlines in the recruitment tests:

• Minimum age of 18.
• Studies completed high school or equivalent.
• Approximate minimum height: 1.60 m 1.70 m women and men.
• Class 2 medical certificate.
• Intermediate level of English.

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