Can We Imagine Life Without Mathematics?

Life without mathematics
Did You Know?
The number 40, when written as 'forty', is the only number having letters in alphabetical order, while 'one' is the only number with letters in reverse order.
Mathematics is a 11-letter word, that, with the mere mention of it, triggers weird reactions and scowls from people of all ages. From the time we learned how to count, it marked our lifelong and inseparable bond with math, that we will continue to share forever. Whether one is a Math Whiz Kid or not, it is an integral part of our daily lives. Yes, we can't run away or hide from it! It follows us around everywhere. It all starts with counting, then come 'x' and 'y', and then Trigonometry, Integration, etc. You may feel that it makes you want to pull your hair out at times, but you have to face it everywhere.

Math is needed at every step of life, and we cannot live without it. It is a subject that is applied to every field and profession. It tells us how things work, and also allows us to predict certain things, which is how we have progressed so much in life. It has made our lives easier, and not complicated. Had it not been for math, we would still be figuring out each and everything in life, which in turn would create chaos. Still not convinced? Take a look at the section below. It might just bring you closer to it, or at least remove your fear of mathematics.

What Will Happen to the World Without Mathematics?

Try imagining a world without any numbers or math. Hard to imagine, right? Even if you try to put it into words, you still cannot describe each and every bit of it. This explains the importance of mathematics in our daily life, since numbers are the basic building blocks and foundation of mathematics.

In Daily Life
If there were no numbers, there wouldn't exist any calendars or time. You won't even know that it's your own birthday, your best friend's birthday, or your dog's birthday, since all the days in your life will be same. You wouldn't know what year it is. How will you know that it's time for your favorite show? And how will you know what channel your favorite show is coming on?

In the Store
Imagine that you go to a store and want to buy the latest version of your favorite video game. But since we are living in a world sans math, how will you know how much it costs? You wouldn't know how many apples or strawberries you bought from the store. If you want to buy some medicine, how will you know how strong it is, or in what quantity the ingredients are present in it?

In the House
If you want to bake your favorite cake, you won't be able to measure the ingredients, since there are no numbers. How will you know how much is ½ teaspoon or ¾ tablespoon? Moreover, there would be no calculators to calculate your share of the contribution for pizza that you ordered. While decorating or repainting your house, you at once come to know how much paint would be required and how many tiles you need to get according to the size of a room. All of this is possible only because Mr. Algebra is there to help you out with the help of our beloved Mr. X.

In Technology
Moreover, there wouldn't be any advancements in technology. The cell phones and high-end gadgets that you use everyday wouldn't exist, since the mechanism and working involves complex algorithms, which are possible because of mathematics. Imagine living in a world without computers, televisions, laptops, cell phones, and even electricity. We're sure most of you couldn't even imagine living without all these. Mathematics has such a wide and huge application in every sphere of life, that even persons having math-phobia use it in their daily lives in some or the other way.

In Education
If there were no numbers, then there wouldn't be any Math, Physics, or Chemistry to study. And there would be no examinations or tests, the results of which would freak you out! We can see the wide, devilish grin on your face, looking at your computer screen here! Of course, who wouldn't love to be in a world where there would be no studying and no exams to appear for. But come to think of it, would you be so much educated and well-learned if you didn't have math in your life at all?

In Sports
Do you love sports? Well, if it wasn't for numbers, how would you know the scores, or dimensions of the football field or basketball court? How would you have come to know how much distance you ran and how you need to cover, or how much time is left for the match to end? There would be no competitions and tournaments. Don't you think it would get a bit boring?

In Economics
The economic sector would be hit the hardest if there wouldn't have been any numbers in this world. There wouldn't be any way to measure the value of goods and services. There wouldn't be any trading, and people would often end up with either too much or too little of everything. Without a budget, you'd never realize when you run out of money. Day-to-day transactions would be chaotic. You wouldn't have been able to analyze market trends, which are the main elements of any business. There would be no GDP, no interests, and no shares to invest it.

In Employment
So many people in this world would be unemployed, especially the ones working in banking sectors, engineers, architects, etc. And most of all, all the math professors on this planet would be sitting at home, thinking of something else to do in life!

Had it not been for mathematics, you wouldn't have stumbled upon this article as well! Okay, jokes apart! So now you know that life without mathematics is actually impossible and unimaginable. You just need to get your basics right, and know how to play with numbers. Hope you have fallen in love with it by now! If you haven't, then it's about time we accept the fact that we are destined to live with mathematics for the rest of our lives. This is how much it loves everyone. So, the best way to make peace with it would be to accept it and love it back. After all, it was made to make our lives easier, not difficult.
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