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Besides beauty and sometimes rarity, gemstone beads are very usually very durable. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to gemstone beads. The more you know about rocks and their qualities, the more beautiful they become. When I first started selecting gemstone beads for projects as a kid, I never wanted to use the brown ones. I was only drawn to the brighter hues and anything with flash or sparkle. Hmmm, this can be the same with people. Anyway, now I see a much greater spectrum of beauty in all kinds of stones. Still love those natural gemstone beads that are colorful, shiny or have a flash of fire and offer spiritual or magical properties. I tend to think of everything in nature as alive, including the Earth. Perhaps the more solid or hard something is, the lower its voice or the slower it moves. There is a huge rock formation where I live in Southern California. I read in Wikipedia that it used to be located in Central America! What! How is that possible? So, I guess rocks are also mobile in ways I never considered.

I am okay with dyed stones as long as the seller tells you that's what you're buying. What bothers me is treated or altered gemstone beads that are passed off as natural. Most of the turquoise on the market has been stabilized. This means the stone was soaked in a plastic sort of resin, which made it stronger and changed its color a bit. This became a practice because turquoise dries out and becomes very brittle. I can accept that, but I want to know about it before I buy those beads.

We typically stick to selling natural gemstone beads, which means they have not been dyed, radiated or stabilized. Pearls go through so many refining treatments that's it's nearly impossible to find unaltered pearls, at least in the U.S. Buyers have been taught to insist on clear, bright hues and perfectly round shapes. As you can guess, that doesn't occur that much in nature. So, we offer pearls that have had the minimal bleaching allowed. Yes, allowed as in according to import law. I like them this way. You can string your own strand of these more natural pearls or you can eat one a day for health benefits. I am totally serious here. We also have a fairly extensive selection of Ojime and Netsuke beads that have been hand-carved from boxwood in the traditional manner of Japan by adult carvers.

Once you know about the various Healing crystal beads whose meanings have been kept alive through ritual, story and tradition, combining them by their healing properties is an enjoyable art form in itself. Gemstones have been around for years and have influenced lives throughout the world. Since the gemstones are connected to the life energy that is around us, this energy force brings balance to other's lives. Healing crystal beads have long been used in creating jewelry for religious rituals.

So why are stones considered therapeutic? What constitutes healing gemstone beads? The thinking behind this is that the crystals vibrate. They have a frequency. Consider how quartz is used in watches because of its constant frequency. Minerals are elements. Each of these element has its own signature vibration. Each has a specific structure to its molecules. Science classifies minerals as inorganic, but crystal practitioners see them as alive even though they are inanimate. For thousands of year, medicine men/women and other ancient healers, noticed that their patients improved in the presence or ingestion of certain inorganic elements. I am sure a bunch died in the discovery of what worked and what didn't. Now we know to avoid those that have a composition that includes arsenic, lead, mercury or sodium fluoride. Avoid real Cinnabar altogether and wash your hands after handling Anglesite, Cerussite, Chalcanthite, Cobaltite, Enargite, Endichite, Galena (lead), Luzonite, Mansfieldite, Orpiment, Phosgenite, Pyrite, Realgar, Roeblingite, Stolzite and Villaumite.

Modern-day gemstone therapy often involves gem elixirs where the practitioner places a clean gemstone into an unmarked big glass mixing bowl and fills it with pure spring water. Then he or she sets it out in the sun or the moonlight, according to the stone, for a period of time. Later, the stone is removed and the remaining water is bottled as the gemstone's tincture or elixir. The philosophy behind this is that the properties of the stone are stimulated by the luminary and imprinted into the water.

Healing properties of the various gemstone beads are also enhanced by the wholesaler or healer by placing them under a cone or a pyramid structure for a certain length of time. Sometimes, there is further enhancement by projecting a particular colored light upon them as they are in the cone or pyramid.

Gemstone therapy is growing in popularity. It's considered a holistic modality, but different gemstone beads do have greater impact on either the causal (mental), astral (emotional) or physical body. There are also gemstones that are prescribed for the health of one's chakra, the spinning energetic wheels for prana or life force between these three bodies and the spirit, usually for the primary seven chakras located from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

The Healing power of crystals has gained a lot of validity and credibility in the last thirty years. The healing gemstones and their effects on human health are proved in the minds of the practitioners who state there are magnetic powers in the gemstones that have therapeutic properties. The electromagnetic rays that are generated by these stones surround the body enabling a patient to receive the gemstone's energy.

Life is a Gift Shop offers bags of powerful stones that have been combined for their synergist effect. They make a perfect medicine bag or intention for your altar or clearing chakras or removing negative energies from your home. You can experience the transformative properties or healing power of crystals through the following combinations: adventure, success, happy home, motherhood, love and prosperity. You can also request a custom-created bag of stones according to your needs or your astrological chart.


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