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Chess is often considered as a mind game for intellectuals but researchers have shown that chess is a fun pastime game and you don’t have to be a genius to start playing chess. Many high-level chess players have claimed that they didn’t start out as genius as they are today, but it was actually everyday practice and regularly playing chess helped them become smarter and increased their IQs. Playing chess offer you several different types of mental benefits and can actually make you smarter. Most of the beginners and kids who are just starting out in chess and are not familiar with basic chess tactics such as “fork” and “pin” tend to make a lot of silly mistakes.

As a beginner, it is very important to make sure that you slow down and think while playing chess in order to win a game and even the best courses and tutorials cannot help you. So, you need to learn and train yourself in such difficult situations and if you want to improve your overall cognitive function and chess playing skills then start solving puzzles at Chess by Lauren is the well-established and most reputable website that offers over 450 unique two choice chess puzzles to help kids and beginners to win more chess games. Our Chess Skewer Puzzles you will be solving come from real on the board scenarios and real games which have been attempted and solved. By solving these puzzles, you learn patterns in an active way and improve all the skills you use to play well.

Lauren Goodkind is the most respectable, passionate and talented chess coach based in the San Francisco Bay area and she is the one who proudly created all puzzles for Chess by Lauren website. This website is ideal for those people who want to improve the tactical ability in the quickest way possible to get better results at chess. And by solving our Chess Fork Puzzles and puzzles with longer moves can significantly enhance your ability and skills to visualise better results without having to move the pieces. You don’t need to be intellectual to solve these puzzles; all you need to have is the basic understanding of how chess pieces move a little patience and willingness to exercise your brain.

Each and every move in chess is very important, a single mistake and you lose the game immediately. So, puzzles help you improve your game and also help you to be aware of such dangers. At Chess by Lauren, all our puzzles such as Chess Pin Puzzles helps in the improvement in your pattern recognition and perhaps this makes them the most practical accept of anyone’s training routine.

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