Best Ways To Show Your Support To Your Favorite Author

Are you a book junkie who loves to read books online and stalk the every move of your favorite authors? If this is you, then your favorite authors need YOU on their team! Every successful author would love a dedicated group of fans behind them to ignite their book sales, show up at events, and promote everything that comes off the press. Here are some ways you can support your favorite writer, whether theyre a close friend or someone you admire from afar

Buy their books. Realistically, its not always possible to buy every book from every one of your favorite authors. But every book you buy, whether e-book or print, is a monetary vote of support for the author. And for traditionally published authors, sales play an important role in determining the future of their contracts.

Write an honest review. In an increasingly crowd-sourced world, online reviews matter A LOT. This doesnt necessarily mean the reviews have to be good ones either. Honest reviews - the ones where you share the good and bad and what you really thought about the book are the best kind. Readers believe them because youre not just raving madly about their awesomeness (not that theres anything wrong with that), and writers more times than not appreciate your honesty.

Promote it on social media. Did you like the book? Then tell people about it! Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools out there, and whats fantastic is that it works exponentially. You may tell one person about it, who may then go on to tell two others, and each of them may go on to tell a few more. Before you know it, your favorite author has a dozen new fans just because you told one person how much you enjoyed their book.

Buy books as gifts. In an increasingly digital world, we can assume most people prefer to read books online. So dont give whats expected (e.g. gift certificates, clothes, etc.), instead, give your favorite authors books as gifts to family and friends who enjoy reading. This is a great way to not only make a reader you care about happy, but to possibly give your favorite author a new fan.

Read it in your book club. You may not be able to buy hundreds of copies of your favorite authors book, but you can still help spread the word. Make it one of the featured books in your book club for your author to gain more followers and increase their popularity among book groups. Who knows, you may even inspire your favorite author to visit your book club or join the discussion.

Invite your favorite authors to your book club. Authors need two things book sales and exposure to new audiences. You can help them accomplish both by inviting them to visit your book club or featuring them in your blog, podcast or newsletter. You can also use other content stream (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) where you can post interviews with them.

Expressing support to your favorite author can be a challenge at first. However, your patience and commitment can help them gain more fans in their fan base by the useful content you can share that is of value to potential readers. This shout-out and exposure to a new audience will surely be appreciated.
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