Best Time to Visit Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet Together

Since both Nepal and Bhutan are nations with for the most part sub-tropical atmospheres, they have a four-season atmosphere agenda. Typically, the best time to visit Tibet is in the late spring, when the climate is hottest, in spite of some little precipitation as it is the "rainstorm" season. In any case, that is additionally the storm season in Nepal and Bhutan, and the rain there is a lot heavier and more continuous than in Tibet.

While both Nepal and Bhutan have genuinely gentle winters, making it a decent time to visit, winter in Tibet is a lot colder, and does not make for an ideal visit involvement, which leaves just pre-winter and spring. Bhutan in September, October, and November are at its busiest, and booking should be done as right on time as could be allowed, yet it coincides with the shoulder period of Tibet, and the slower trekking season in Nepal, making it a decent alternative for a triple visit. The Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages are one of the best tour packages to explore the historical places.

Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages

Spring is also another perfect season to consolidate a trek to each of the three spots, as Bhutan has great climate and Tibet is not simply beginning the traveler season, yet nor is especially occupied. The month of May to June is the pinnacle time in Nepal for trekking and climbing and sees a huge number of individuals climbing around Everest and Annapurna. Be that as it may, if a long trek is not on the cards, late-winter makes for the best period of just for this tri-district visit.


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