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Flow cytometry is a most popular laser-based technology that is used to sort and count cells and detects engineer proteins and bio makers by suspending cells in a stream of fluid and allows them to pass by an electronic detection system. The flow cytometry procedure is used in clinical laboratories and research for many applications such as chromosome analysis, protein expression, cancer diagnosis, DNA and RNA quantification, measuring enzyme activity and multidrug resistance. Flow cytometry is considered as a powerful tool because this procedure makes it a quantitative and rapid method for purification and analysis of cells in suspension and it also allows the multiparametric analysis of both physical and chemical characteristics of up to thousands of cell or particles per second.

What Is Flow Cytometer or Flow Cytometry System?

The flow cytometer instrument consists of three main systems which include fluidics, the optics and the electronics. The main purpose of the fluidic system is to transport the particles in a stream of fluid where they are interrogated. Whereas the optics system is made up of lasers which illuminate the cells or particles present in the stream as they pass through and scatter light from the laser. A Flow Cytometry System includes software that should be user-friendly for flow cytometry novices and this system is advanced for experienced users or researchers to perform sophisticated experimental setups and analysis. By using a flow cytometry system, the cells and other particles suspended in a liquid stream passed through a laser light beam and interaction with the light is measured using an electronic detection tool as light scatter and fluorescence intensity.

There are various protocols available for staining cells for flow cytometry and these protocols required to be optimised for different cell types, targets or applications. The flow cytometry protocols such as direct and indirect staining, staining of intracellular antigens and permeabilization and cell preparation protocols provide a detailed procedure for the treatment and staining of cells prior to using a flow cytometer. Boster antibody and ELISA experts have more than 25 years of experience designing antibodies and ELISA kits and our Flow Cytometry Antibody Staining Procedure works perfectly well. This antibody provides strong membrane staining throughout many of the cells and other particles in the immune cell infiltrated islets of body.

With the help of Boster, you can build your flow cytometry panels using our antibodies to detect proliferation and identify cells, activation states, cytokine release and homing profiles. We offer antibodies Fluorescence Conjugated too many types of fluorophores to accommodate your flow cytometry needs. With Boster, you can save up to 50% on flow antibodies and we also provide detailed information on our website to efficiently build a simple or complex panel. For more information to know about Boster antibody and ELISA experts please visit our website here:


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