Barry Littlejohn - From MBA to MD

Barry Littlejohn has been practicing medicine for many years, first in Illinois, where he has lived much of his life, and now in Arizona, where he has been in practice since 2008.

But Barry Littlejohn did not always know that he wanted to be a medical man. When he entered Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois in 1970 he took the standard business curriculum and graduated four years later with a B.A. He went on to Northern Illinois University, where he began studying for his Master of Business Administration, arguably the single most sought-after degree in all of the United States.

After receiving the MBA in 1976 Barry Littlejohn put it to good use by becoming a banker. He worked as the Vice President for Investments at the Jefferson Trust and Savings Bank in Peoria, Illinois, and held the job for more than three years.

By 1979 Barry Littlejohn was restless with his MBA and with banking, and had come to realize that his true calling was medicine. And it was not too late for him to make a dramatic change in the course of his career. As a man who enjoys challenges and had always been interested in science, and always had an aptitude for how the human body works, the switch seemed to make sense.

As he knew, becoming a doctor involved a significant investment of both time and money. So after some looking around, Barry Littlejohn enrolled in the University Of Guadalajara School Of Medicine in 1979. By 1982 he had completed his studies there and gone on to the Loyola University School of Medicine in Chicago. He finished there in 1984 and did a series of residencies at the St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria, and at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine, focusing first on Family Medicine and eventually expanding his interests to obstetrics and gynecology.

Today, at his office in Glendale, Arizona, Barry Littlejohn offers a wide range of women’s health services, including high-risk pregnancies, menopause symptoms, abnormal bleeding, hysterectomies, and many other conditions. He has earned numerous accolades during his medical career, which by now has lasted for thirty years. He is a respected member of the medical community in Glendale and is known for his personalized health care and attention to each patient who comes into his office. He is especially proud of his Patients’ Choice Awards, which he has received in 2008, 2009, and 2013. Barry Littlejohn is also known for his excellent bedside manner, and his willingness to make sure all the patients he sees understand what their issues and options are.

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