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Some years before, it remained a tedious job to convert an audio or to extract audio. Lots of programming and steps are required for conversion. But nowadays it is an easy job due to lots of online websites available. Desktop users have an easy option through the Audio Converter website where a simple drag and paste option will help you easily convert an audio file.

Audio converter

Audio converter websites available nowadays are mostly available free, with no ads and no registration. It is designed to support different file formats and various video files can also be rapidly converted to audio formats. The output audio quality can be decided based on your requirements.

Beginners now have the question about whether this type of conversion is an easy job. But the answer is yes, it is extremely easy for beginners due to the website's simple user interface. The job is simply to input the video file, choosing the required audio format and then downloading it into the device. Also, Audio Converter offers you a lossless conversion.

Audio Converter website not only converts the video to audio files, but it also has the option of audio extracting which follows the very simple procedure as the audio conversion process.

Audio extractor

Audio Converter avails you a simple software program that helps you to extract audio, background music from YouTube videos, movies, and other video file formats. You don't require to install any special programs. The process is very simple and if the video is not very huge, the extraction will be very fast and easy. Audio Converter website has an application that helps you extract audio from AVI, MPG, MPEG, and MP4 and save them as the MP3 format in most cases preferably.

The file from a portion of the video clip can be extracted. This is the most exciting feature since the tiresome extraction of full video is not required. The program is entirely free and the preview of the required video file can be seen on the website itself. And after extraction, the file can be directly linked to the Windows Media Player and you can control the stereotype of the output file.

And no extra sound editing software is also not required, simple extraction software can fully do the process. The only thing you have to do is, open the program click on the add files section. Upload the required video file. More video files can also be added for extraction. You can adjust the video and change the output quality. Then click the start button, you get the required MP3 output.

Thus, you can have the best quality audio files. Visit Audio Converter; drop your files for converting and extracting. Get the processing job done easily.


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Audio Converter is a FREE online audio converter to convert audio to MP3, MP3, WMA, AAC, MP4, M4A & many more formats. For details visit the website:

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