Assistive Technology Products with Learning Disabilities

Assistive products improve disabled children's functionality. Children with hearing difficulties, movement difficulty, communication problems and memory barriers need to use assistive technology products. 

Buy the best assistive technology products for your disabled children at Adaptive Tech Solutions. Here are some best assistive technology products:

  • Switch Adapted Suction Speaker

This wireless Bluetooth speaker has been adapted to accept up to two standard 3.5mm switches. The speaker pairs with Bluetooth 3.0 enabled devices, such as iPads or smartphones, and allows a person with limited hand function the ability to pause/play music or video with one switch and skip forward/increase with the other switch.

  • Micro Light Switch

Users can activate it by pressing down on the top. Feather-light pressure is needed only, thus a great option for children who have motor weakness. 

  • Switch Assessment Kit

Buy a huge amount of switches at a great price. This option will save you money and the best equipment for use in the school or clinic setting. 

  • Switch Adapted Toy Fire Truck

Buy this remote-controlled fire truck for your disabled child since it has radio-controlled features without any wire. Users need to switch to the controller and watch its amazing results. It is even used without switches by pressing the buttons on the remote. 

  • Thunder Tumbler Radio Controlled Car

Plug in your switch to use this remote control rally car, which zips forward and performs wheelies. Tons of fun for older children with disabilities.

Plus, there are many more assistive technology products at Adaptive Tech Solution. Indeed, each of its products is designed to improve the independence of disabled children.

Thus, assistive technology is a powerful tool to enhance independence and improve the participation of your child. It helps disabled children be mobile, communicate more effectively, interact with their environment more independently, and participate more fully in learning activities.

About Adaptive Tech Solution

Adaptive Tech Solution is a therapist owned and operated company offering the best assistive technology products. Denise, the owner, is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Assistive Technology Professional who has been actively work with folks with disabilities in her private practice for over 30 years.

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