A Guide to Choose a Handbag for Your Body Type

Tips to choose handbag for different body types
While deciding on a bag to wear with your outfit, always pick a bag that is:
  1. The opposite shape to your body shape.
  2. Identical with the size of your body.
Whenever we put an ensemble together, it's not just about the color or style of the clothes; how well do the clothes fit is also important. Only then can an ensemble flatter your figure. So is the case with handbags. An incorrect choice can either make or break an outfit, for any individual.

In order to determine which type of bag will look best on you, we have put together a few examples and suggestions. The right bag can complement and emphasize your good features (and create a distraction from the less than perfect bits).

Choosing Handbags for Every Body Type

The key to finding the right bag is to look for balance. The eye will travel and rest where the bag meets the body. Which is why, it's essential to choose a bag that can draw the attention towards your best features.

Handbags for Apple-shaped Body

The Features: The shoulders and thighs are narrower than the bust and waist.

The first thing you need to do is create a balance by choosing wide handbags that have a slight structure. If you have a large bust, stay away from clutches, cross body bags, and shoulder bags. These bags will only make the top appear more wide, and heavy. Instead, you should choose medium-sized handbags such as bowling bag purses, tote bags, and hand-held structured bags. Now if you can't live without cross body bags, make sure to extend the shoulder strap so that the bag ends below the hip.

Handbags for Inverted Triangle Body

The Features: The waist and hips are smaller than the shoulders.

Choose a handbag that will draw attention to the smallest part of your body―the lower half of your body. Which is why, similar to the apple-shaped body, clutches and short-strapped shoulder bags are a big no-no. This can be easily established with handbags with long straps. Select chunky and colored handbags that will sit on your hips or thighs. Some of the choices include long-strapped satchel bags and long-strapped shoulder bags, hand-held structured bags, cross body bags, and hobo bags. Any of these bags will help de-emphasize your upper body.

Handbags for Pear-shaped Body

The Features: The waist and hips are wider than the shoulders.

In order to make your shoulders appear broader and create a balance, you need to choose a bag that will fall between your natural waist and hips. So remember to check the straps of a bag before you purchase it. Only buy it if the straps are adjustable. Opt for clutches that can be tucked under your arm, long-strapped structured bags, satchel bags, and short-strapped shoulder bags. A bold-colored or a sequined bag will work wonders for your body type.

Handbags for Full Hourglass Body

The Features: The thighs and hips are rounder (bigger) than the waist, along with a full bust.

Here, a handbag needs to sit near your natural waist, and not stay too close to your bust. Try shoulder bags, satchel bags, cross body bags, and hobo bags with adjustable straps. If you happen to carry a clutch purse, make sure that it's slightly wide.

Handbags for Neat Hourglass Body

The Features: The hips and shoulders are well-balanced, and the waistline is well-defined.

Envy thy name is hourglass. Basically, you are blessed with fabulous genes and can carry any handbag you like. Go with tote bags, satchel bags, cross body bags, clutches, hobo bags, shoulder bags, and any other bag you can get your hands on. But while picking a bag, just be careful that the size is proportionate to your figure. Any bag that draws attention to your defined waist is your new best friend.

Handbags for Rectangle-shaped Body

The Features: The waist, shoulders, and hips are of the same size.

What you require is a handbag that will create the illusion of curves to your long and lean figure. Choose handbags that rest at your natural waist. Avoid cross body bags or any other bags with long straps; any bag that rests on or below your hips is not acceptable. Opt for long-strapped satchel bags, clutches that can be tucked under your arm, and hobo bags.

Handbags for Petite Body

The Features: The shoulders and hips are narrow with small waist and bust.

To lend some definition to your figure, a handbag can be a quick fix. You can opt for round-shaped bags that have soft edges, petite- to medium-sized clutches, vertical-shaped bags, and oversize tote bags. Avoid handbags that are made with bulky or heavy material.

Since we use a handbag on a daily basis, and for several occasions, it's necessary to put a little thought into it. Apart from a handbag being flattering, it should be functional as well. Only then can you truly be comfortable, and look smart.
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