6 reasons why your Dubai Visa Application could be delayed/rejected.

Dubai visas are quickly becoming one of the more popular visas Indians apply for. This is because more and more Indian travellers choose the desert nation for their holidays. There’s so much to do and see, the airfare is also very affordable & most of us also have friends/family there to visit; all of which make it an ideal destination for a vacation. Good ties between our countries also mean getting a visa is relatively easy – however, your visa application could still be delayed or even rejected due to the following reasons.

1. Women below 25 travelling alone.

Solo women travels are definitely allowed to enter Dubai – in fact, there are numerous young women working in Dubai who make solo flights to and fro during the holidays. Solo tourists are also very popular. However, in an attempt to combat human trafficking, Dubai Visa authorities might take a little extra time to screen applications of women travelers below 25 who are make the journey unaccompanied. So if you’re a young woman travelling alone to Dubai, always expect your application to take a little while longer than expected.

2. Prior visas.

Having prior visas when applying for a new Dubai tourist visa is sure to affect your approval times & chances. Some travellers have previous residential, employment and tourist visas that will first need to be cancelled in order to get a new visa.

3. Criminal record.

This is a no-brainer. Any applicants that have a criminal record in their own country will find it hard to get a Dubai visa. Further, even if you don’t have a criminal record in your own country but have a record of misconduct or crime in any of the GCC countries, your chances of getting approval are slim.

4. Your profession.

Anyone with an unskilled profession listed in their passport might find it tricky to get a Dubai visa approved. This is because it is common for the visa authorities in the UAE to reject visa applications of farmers, laborers, etc.

5. Typos/errors.

Typos if you apply online and errors if you fill the form physically – they are both very common. People make mistakes when applying and fail to check before submitting the application. This is sure to cause problems and could even result in your application being rejected. Therefore, make it a point to check your application just like the visa authorities would, word for word and letter to letter.

6. Unclear photos.

It’s common for people with unclear photos on their passport to have their applications rejected or delayed. This is especially true for applications that are made online. The system will not be able to make the scan it needs to cause rejection or delays.

These were some of the reasons why your Dubai visa could be rejected. We hope this article helps take the right precautions to ensure your application goes through smoothly & quickly. Good luck and all the best, travel safe!




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