6 Reasons Sri Lanka should be Your Next Holiday Destination

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The exotic beaches, the overlooking sculptures and the breath taking greeneries, Sri Lanka is all about these and much more. One of the wildest and best travel destination of the world, Sri Lanka is still to receive enormous amount of footfall and that solely can be your reason to visit the country as early as possible. Several places of Sri Lanka are still unexplored or quite less explored and the authenticity is still in place. If these are not enough reasons for you to visit the country, here are some more that will make you book a Sri Lanka Trip.

  1. The wild life: Sri Lanka doesn’t only have wild life in its jungles but also beneath the sea. The best part of Sri Lanka Tourism is that you can savour the view of some of the 5800 wild elephants and can also dive in the deep blue sea with whales. If that scares you, just watch the spinner dolphins from the shore and experience the spectacular view of Yala National Park. Choose to volunteer in the elephant sanctuary to get the best feel.
  2. Explore the train routs: The train routs of Sri Lanka are embellished with scenic beauty that would complete your urge of expedition. If you are booking a trip long enough, you will be able to witness the sunset or sunrise in those scenic locations. The train fare is cheap and affordable.
  3. Lip smacking food and drinks: When in Sri Lanka, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to food and beverages. The famous Ceylon Tea is a must and starting your morning with a cup of tea is the next best thing in Sri Lanka, after its wild life. The coconut reach food and the sea food platter are the “must tries” of Sri Lanka. Egg hoppers, coconut sambal, fresh crab curry, string hoppers, kottu and much more are there to increase your appetite. These foods are called a milder version of Indian delicacies.
  4. Friendly people: No matter how many countries you have been to; you will never find people friendlier than that of Sri Lanka. Happy faces all around, you will feel being in a long lasting vacation. They are helpful, warm and their culture is so colourful that you will feel like staying for long.
  5. Vision of hell: Wewurukannala Vihara temple has to be in your Sri Lanka Packages as it comes with the absolute vision of hell before you can reach the big Buddha statue. The visual of humans being boiled in hell will welcome you and you will have to cross it before you reach Giant Buddha.
  6. Serene Beaches: The best and the most attractive part of Sri Lanka is its beaches. One of the high point of Sri Lanka tour is its wide beaches that are peaceful and you get to do a lot of activities too.

Though Sri Lanka is a small country by its size, the treasures are mammoth. Take a 10 to 15 days long break from your schedule to book Sri Lanka packages that justifies your wanderlust.


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