5 ways to improve two wheeler loan eligibility

The need for owning a vehicle in today’s world is extremely essential for individuals who travel long distances on a daily basis. Public transportation can become cumbersome for individuals who already lead a stressful life and hailing a cab can be an added financial expenditure to an individual’s life. Buying and owning a vehicle will be an essential way of travelling. When the customer owns a vehicle for transportation they reduce their dependency on public transportation, which will also reduce the expenditure and help them save. Thus, buying a bike will be the best option for a customer to handle travelling. The customer who wishes to purchase a bike can go for a bike loan.

A two wheeler loan is a loan product that is provided by financial institutions to individuals who wish to buy a bike. In a bike loan, the financial institution will provide the loan amount to the customers for helping them with the purchase of the loan. Financial institutions provide the bike loan to the customers at a certain interest rate. The repayment of a bike loan is done through equated monthly instalments. Repayments done through monthly instalments help the customer in making the repayments on the loan gradually and easily. Generally, the interest rates provided on a bike loan are fixed interest rates. In a fixed interest rate, the customer has to pay a fixed amount for the complete tenure period of the loan. Customers can opt for a bike loan for both a new bike or a secondhand bike.

5 ways to improve eligibility for a two wheeler loan

  1. Age:

Financial institutions need to make sure that the customer would not have any type of problems in making the repayments on the loan. Thus, it is advisable that a customer should opt for a bike loan when they are at an early age, as they would be earning a monthly income. The customer would not face any problems in making the repayments on a bike loan while they are earning a monthly income.

  1. Income potential:

The repayment capacity of a customer on the bike loan is an important factor for availing a bike loan. Individuals who earn a minimum level of income are also eligible for the loan. The customers need to have a certain minimum income potential for being eligible for the bike loan.

  1. Work experience:

If the individual availing the bike loan has work experience, their eligibility for the loan increases as it provides the financial institution with the assurance that the customer will be able to make the repayments on the bike loan without facing any type of problems.

  1. Credit history:

Before providing the bike loan, financial institutions conduct a background check on the credit history of the customer. Any outstanding debts or any failures of repayments on the loan will reflect negatively on the customers side. Thus, it is advised that the customer improve their credit history before opting for the bike loan.

  1. Employment:

Opting for the bike loan while being employed will improve the customers eligibility for the loan. Since they are employed, they will be earning a monthly income and thus would not have problems in making the repayments.


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