5 Types of Display Systems for Your Corporate Video Wall

In this era of highly competitive business market, maintaining your corporate position is one of the most important things. Keeping up with the technological trends and making use of available facilities could be beneficial in this regard. Although, there are several things that do matter but incorporating video wall displays into your company’s technological portfolio is one of the must things these days. There are several reasons how video displays can be helpful for your business, such as video walls can be hanged in lobbies for providing information about the company, greeting visitors and clients. You can use them in presentation or seminar rooms to inform employees about the project works. Display systems can also be installed in the waiting room so as to provide entertainment for your customers/clients waiting to enter.

However, there are many more usage and benefits that the latest video wall technology can offer you but the selection of a good display system is also very important. As different types of video walls serve different purposes, you must select a product that can suit your requirements and to make it easier for you, here's a compiled list of 5 important types of display systems available:

1. Flat Panel HD: These are the most basic viewing screens which can be used for multiple purposes such as presentations, videoconferencing, and displaying information in lobbies and more. You can also use them in recreation spaces for entertainment purposes. Also, these ones won’t cost you much compared to the other types of display systems available.

2. Curved Screen: The curved screen produces more stimulating viewing experience and wraps around the viewer’s vision to better encapsulate their attention. The only best benefits of curve screen is to grab attention and therefore, you can use them for displaying your products and services effectively.

3. Tiled Screen Systems: Tiled screen systems are best if you want to build your own design for display. Several small individual screens can be joined and linked together like building blocks create a display system that works as one. There can be any typical shape or pattern as per your needs.

4. Multiple Screen Systems: Multiple Screen Systems are some of the best display systems if you want to reach beyond display capacity of standard HD screens. With this types of system, multiple screens can be programmed into the same system so that they can work in conjunction to produce the same large image. Multiple screen systems can be best used for creating a large display in lobby spaces or presentation areas.

5. Touchscreen Displays: Touchscreen displays are similar to the other types of display systems but these video walls come with an additional feature of touch and use. This feature makes them more useful and interactive. You can install these in presentation rooms to facilitate your presentation abilities.

Today, there are several companies which offer a great range of all aforementioned display systems along with the best interactive display solutions which you can approach. These companies not only offer products but you can also get necessary suggestions according to your needs. However, if you want to get quality display solutions and looking for a trusted company, you can visit https://www.isemc.com/


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