5 Important Things to be Considered While Purchasing Stone Kitchen Benchtops!!!

Before purchasing stone benchtops, it is essential to know about certain things for stone kitchen benchtops Melbourne. It includes specific parameters such as sink cut-out, edge profile, joint type, overhang, splashback, vanity top and Stone Island too, as mentioned below:

· Edge profile:

Selecting an edge profile is one of the important choices for a quality design statement and polished look. Its different selection include pencil edge 3-4mm, pencil edge 6mm, 40mm pencil edge 6mm, arise 3-4mm and a lot more.

· Sink cut-out:

There are two types of sink cut-out, one is top mount and other is under mount. And, it should be about 60mm to 80mm for manufactured stones and marble respectively.

· Joint type:

Joint types are something which adds antique design and look to your kitchen. Well, there are several ways for these joints including dowel joints, butt joints, cabinet design etc.

· Overhang:

Overhangs are essential to give your kitchen counter, a finished look. Plus, it also makes your kitchen functional and attractive. And, it should be utmost 300mm only.

· Splashback:

Splashback protects your kitchen cabinet and walls from heat, oil, moisture and cooking residues. And, it should be behind your stovetop or sink. It can be designed in materials such as granite and marble to enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

However, it is quite typical to purchase stone kitchen benchtops with all specifications and parameters. But, there are a few companies that provide you a wide assortment of kitchen products to cater your needs. One such company is Artcad Kitchen Designs.

Artcad Kitchen Designs is a business that provides you kitchen furnishing products made with highest grade and quality designs. They offer a broad range of kitchen products including kitchen benchtops Melbourne, kitchen cabinets, kitchen cupboards and many more. Plus, along with easy installation and repair services, they also give you the matchless services of laundries, flat pack, vanities and robes too.

About Artcad Kitchen Designs:

Artcad Kitchen Designs is a company that provides stone benchtops Melbourne with top grade designs at competitive prices. To know more details, you can log on to Artcadkitchens.com.au.

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