4 Reasons Why music careers by breaking Tech

There was a time when if our best had an affinity for music at all, they make great ends to go into business with a long term vision in mind. Today is not, the music career are falling the technology industry when it comes to choice of employment and availability, and there is no end to this movement.

Where music was once considered by many as one of the noblest that are possible, that perception seemed to die with the 90 even when the music world has peaked. It has been all downhill from brain drain and lack of incoming talent has only helped accelerate the decline of the industry to where it is now in the middle of their high turnover of all time.

So how is this possible? How a company that was once the lover dreams of so many people could be so suddenly tarnished like a forgotten piece of silverware? If you step back and look at the problem from a macroeconomic point of view, it seems that there are four main reasons.

1. There is no glamor in the music. Once upon a time, it was fashionable to hang out with musicians in general, and even cooler to hang out with rock stars, if the opportunity arose. Musicians occupied a central place in the world of entertainment, as they were always in the news and in the middle of the conversation at all campuses of the university.

Today, music is rarely a star on the daily lives of most people. It no longer has the cultural significance it once had rarely influences fashion and lifestyle, and has increasingly lost its cool factor, at least to the same degree that it once had.

Tech, on the other hand, is all that today's music is not. Regularly and affects lifestyle and leaders act as industry executives Music 70 and 80 years were playing (for better or worse) generally clear and free. Ironically most music executives these days act more like business suits tried so hard to avoid in recent years.

2. You can make more money upfront. It used to be that anyone could at least make a living in the music world, even in a band to find enough work to play clubs at least survive. Music was everywhere and consumers still wanted more. The possibility of a major blow which could be more rewarding than many might dream was still there, it was like a carrot for the horse. If you keep pushing, it is possible that you could have the chance to snatch the gold ring that could take care of himself and his family for generations.

Today, those dreams were almost completely destroyed. There are still a lot of money made in the field of recorded music as a whole (if you are touring, merchandise, publishing and licensing into account), and hopefully more to come as streaming becomes the new paradigm, but more and more wealth concentrated in 1% of successful artists, major labels and publishers. It is still possible to make a big score or even better than most other races fairly common, but the odds are increasing all the time and effort required to get there is proving to be more intense. The current saying in the business is that "living is the new hit," and that's not good enough for most college graduates looking for people to follow a career.

Tech, meanwhile, offers the possibility of wealth so far from what the music industry has to offer, even at the highest levels that does all the work it takes to succeed in this area seems not worth worth the effort. Of course, the odds are extremely long your home can be bought by Google, Apple or other deep pocket of the company, but at least you can see how this could be possible when there are examples in the news every day.

Music, not so much. In the eyes of many people, if you win a TV talent competition (which is another post altogether) means that you remain in the public consciousness until the series ends, then what is the point of having musical talent when some knowledge programming school or self-learning computer can get enough shares will begin to retire at an early age?

3. There is more freedom in technology. There was a time music were artists the freedom to create whatever they wanted, no matter what is different from what it was popular, and even encouraged to do so by both the industry and the public. Now, if your music does not fit hand in a box which happens to be popular today, you probably will not get the traction you need to become a enough to compete with even the lowest of technology career success. Homogenization Music took creativity to emerge, even more now than in the past, while the technology offers in leaps and bounds, which is in an orderly manner in the following section.

4. Tech is more creative. If you want to be rewarded for thinking outside of the box, the technology sector. If you want to be penalized for it, the music business is for you. All 18 and 25 have in common with their predecessors is that they love their creativity and actively seeking a way to express themselves. When that first job or an opportunity to be creative and artistic is high on the priority list of what they want, whether they realize it or not. Music used to provide this, and the fact that, to some extent yet. Is that at higher levels, where most of the flow of money, your options for expression are becoming more limited than the industry contracts (which used to be six major and three years ago, for example) .

For better or worse, record labels and publishers are managed as larger companies that currently, which requires more troops than ever compliance. Musicians are always free to create what you want, but your chances of making money that creativity is less likely, further away from the latest trend. Of course there are outliers that sometimes the values ​​of mold break, but that does not happen as often as in the past.

If this sounds like a joke to the world of music, I think it is, but understand that I am the last person to tell someone not to pursue a career in music, despite what you read here. If your heart is fully in it and are committed to move forward, regardless of the ups and downs and the amount of time it would take, most people find a way to at least one life. Increasingly retire after many years of struggle.

That said, you can see how a person who at some point have considered music as a long-term career overlooked in favor of technology and finance. While funding is even more restrictive than the music business is today, collectively speaking, at least, the potential benefits are much more. Tech, on the other hand, provides all the things that used to be so attractive to the music business as a relaxed, flexible working hours and conditions of workers and their age can relate to.

The music is cyclic if and total business interruption due to a new trend has occurred many times before. In an instant, music can still offer all the freshness and creativity once did in the past and attract talent as he needs to thrive. Hopefully this break occurs as soon as possible.

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