4 crucial things your travel insurance plan must cover

Travel insurance, like all other insurance products, comes in different shapes and sizes. Not all plans are suitable for everyone. However, every person requires a certain degree of coverage from his or her travel insurance policy. Here is a look at some important covers that your travel insurance policy should provide you for the duration of your trip.

  1. Trip cancellation

Cancelling a meticulously planned trip can be heartbreaking. However, due to some unforeseen circumstance, it may happen. Your travel insurance policy must cover you against the financial liabilities, in case of such cancellations. Hotel and flights usually charge cancellation fees and a good travel insurance should reimburse you for the same. However, you would need to provide legitimate evidence of an emergency that forced you to cancel the trip, if you want to take advantage of a trip cancellation clause in the plan.

  1. Coverage for lost baggage and/or passport

Theft or loss of baggage is a common occurrence during travels. In some cases, airliners may misplace your baggage, while in other cases it may be stolen. Since managing without baggage, during a trip, is almost impossible, you want a travel insurance plan that reimburses you for such a loss.

While the loss of baggage can be difficult, loss of passport can lead to imprisonment in a foreign country. Therefore, the travel insurance policy must perform the vital service of providing an interim passport for the duration of the tour.

  1. Medical cover

Cost of medical care in some countries can be monumental and may wipe away all your savings. Therefore, you need comprehensive health cover within your travel insurance policy. This should cover accidental injury as well as diseases contracted while on the trip.

You can even opt for an add-on pre-existing disease cover that would help you if you need to be hospitalized due to a pre-existing illness. Lastly, make sure that the plan also covers the cost of medical evacuation, which is necessary in case of emergency medical situations.

  1. Accidental liability cover

While on a trip, you may cause accidental damage to property or a person. While you are liable for such damages, a good insurance plan will ensure that they reimburse you for the same. However, keep in mind that insurance providers will not cover damages caused due to intoxicated driving or intentional harm.

Compare travel insurance online and check which policy offers adequate coverage, so that you can remain safe during the trip.


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